There is only one me sure thosands have my name but noone can match up to who i am which is pretty confusing . im gonna try blogging my feelings through pictures or words
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    I hate when black clothes are a slightly different black and don’t match

    we joke but this is an actual thing

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    Meals from the Creative Mind of a Young Chef @sam_stern

    For more photos and videos of Sam’s favorite dishes, follow @sam_stern on Instagram.

    Sam Stern (@sam_stern) published his first cookbook when he was 14 years old, but the young British author has been cooking since before he can remember.

    “I come from a large family with lots of taste preferences, so I was always in the kitchen helping out my mum,” he says. “I gradually moved from the little jobs to eventually taking over the kitchen.”

    Now at 24 years old, Sam is practically a veteran chef, with six books under his belt and another one on the way next year. But he uses Instagram to share a different, more personal display of recipes: the meals he makes at home, for his family and friends.

    “I like to imagine the possibilities of various taste combinations, trying out new ingredients and timings,” he says. “If it starts in my imagination then triumphs on the plate—that is the ultimate rush for me.”

    Food …

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    The difference between Freedom & Slavery is one thin line.



    Message received.

    One of the most mindfucking genius pictures on Tumblr. God bless the person who did this

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  • "I don’t think you miss me. So I won’t tell you I miss you."
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    i want to cry

    He tried so hard.  And got so far.  But in the end.  It doesn’t even matter.


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